Spectator Mode Full Release

Fri, 2012-04-27

The spectator mode open beta came to a close, bringing the full release of Spectator Mode to summoners all over the world! It came packed with a gamut of new features including:

Drop-in Spectating – The Ability to spectate friends’ games from your Friends List in PVP.net, giving you the opportunity to check out your friends abilities on the Fields of Justice.

Featured Games – A list of live featured games on the front page of PVP.net featuring some of the best players that League of Legends has to offer, offering players a glimpse into the world of high level play.

Timeshift Controls – Timeshift controls allow a spectator to rewind, slow down, or even pause the live game being watched to take in all the action.

Directed Camera – An exciting feature addition, Directed Camera lets your computer guide your perspective. While this mode is engaged, the computer will analyze everything that is currently happening in the game and select the most significant event, whether it’s First Blood, a team fight or a baron attempt.