Release notes

Mon, 2010-10-04

New Skins in the Store

  • Bilgewater Swain
  • Northern Front Swain
  • Professor Ryze
  • Tango Evelynn
  • Tango Twisted Fate v1.20.10

  • Improved matchmaking specifically for the Solo Ranked Queue
  • Refactored back end stats processing. This change will temporarily remove the display of matches in your Recent Matches list, however these games will still count towards your lifetime statistics.
  • Fixed a bug where the patcher was not displaying news correctly
  • Fixed a bug where players could use skins that they did not own

League of Legends v1.0.0.102

Swain, the Master Tactician

  • Decrepify - Swain sets his raven to cripple an enemy. Over the next three seconds, the target takes damage over time and is slowed.
  • Nevermove - Swain marks a target area. After a short delay, mighty talons grab hold of enemy units dealing damage and rooting them.
  • Torment - Swain afflicts his target, dealing damage to them over time and causing them to take increased damage from Swain's attacks.
  • Ravenous Flock (Ultimate) - Toggle: Swain transforms into the form of a raven, during this time up to 3 lesser ravens strike out at nearby enemies each second. Swain is healed for half the damage dealt by the Ravens.
  • Carrion Renewal (Passive) - Swain gains increased mana regeneration for 5 seconds upon killing a unit.


  • Cursed Touch duration reduced to 4 from 5


  • Base movement speed reduced to 315 from 320
  • Courage duration modified to 3 at all levels from 2/2.5/3/3.5/4
  • Courage active damage reduction changed to 10/15/20/25/30% from 30% at all levels


  • Bio-Arcane Barrage cooldown increased to 17 from 15 at all levels


  • Attack range increased to 425 from 400


  • Blood Gorged (Passive)
    • Now grants 1.8 Health per 1 AP, from 2.0 per 1 AP.
  • Sanguine Pool
    • Duration reduced to 2 seconds from 2.5
    • Slow duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1 second
    • Damage per second changed to 20/33.75/47.5/61.25/75 retaining the same overall damage
    • Fixed a bug where Sanguine Pool wasn't dealing enough damage


  • Manamune attack damage conversion increased to 2% from 1.5%